Betray the Light
Perdition; pain and might
Fallen so far that no wound shall undo me
Evil you’ll come to expect
One so familiar to depravity’s depths

Empty eyes betray the light, abandoning the day
Begging to die and dieing to live this world’s a reeking grave
Apocalyptic misery misanthropic witchery
Vast necropolis of walking dead
In the twilight hear the cries of tormented suicides
Who’ll die before they’ll suffer to be led

Degradation, Mutilation
And still in vain they fight
Eradication, sure damnation
Now falls eternal night
Darkness dawning, devils spawning
They’re coming for you all!
The sirens call soon all shall fall
And sorrow reaps its toll…

Sorrow reaps its toll…

Withering in the frigid light
Abandoned to the burning gloom
To th fading sun, twilight’s veil
Where the dieing come to meet there doom
I’ve heard it said the cross has failed
Now I understand why this is true
I see the blind and their wicked lies
And I hope one day to rule them all in hell

There’s only darkness here
Those who come seeking light
Leave only ghosts behind
Lost in eternal night
Shades haunt the dismal gloom
And only demons tread
A frozen empty place
Of sorrow and cold dread

Damnation’s fiery light
Guiding the infernal descent
Evil you’ll come to respect
As you roam the shadow of humanity’s depths