As Darkness Dawns
A final hour approaching, a twisting stair descending
Judgment’s bell is tolling and still the laughter chills the empty air

A frightening lucidity, a vision at the end
A final rending certainty, as though the blind can see
Through darkness grip pass broken souls, and so the end begins
A winding maze, a mystery, and judgments iron hand

As Darkness Dawns...
An eerie wind whispers on the air
A veil now descends, defying the light
A voice echoes in my mind
Commanding me, rise to your feet!
Choose your path… take what’s yours - be free!
Willingly I pass through Hell’s gates

No longer blind, site is mine; this light now burns my eyes
And malice brews and evil lurks the corners of my mind
And those who kneel, and those who bow will suffer on their knees
Feel the wrath of those oppressed by your ravenous hate

I will not subscribe to the eons of lies
I won’t be held down by your devious pride
You kill your own savior and I decry
You ignorant fables, your god I defy

The final hours now passing, the feeble light is waning
Hell’s fires are fuming, your woeful lord is weeping,
Upon the stairs descending…
Defiant legions laughing in the face of god