The Price of life
So high, the price of life…

Oppression reeking, stench of hate denied mortality,
Weeping victims broken cries awash in agony
Delight in death for deaths own sake you toil in misery!

The corpses heaping high…
Deaths gaunt scowl presides
Blood consecrates this stand
Sanctified, none shall stay my hand!

And now it’s time you die
You’ve lived for far too long
Vengeance swells inside of me
The price of life is high
Soon to claim its toll
Your end will come to pass
Drowning in your sobbing children’s blood

Your god betrays your faith
You’re left behind with your worthless prayers
This lie has crippled your mind
And leads you to your death so blind

I’d bleed to watch you suffer
My soul to see you bleed
To end your life consumes me
To have your throat before me
I’d throttle out your life
I'll take back what is due me
And end you and your kind

The price of life is high
An eye for an eye!
Know that wrath will come
Your blood will spill
And wash away this pain