Straight To Hell
Smashing force of devastation blasting through your face
Infernal lords of immolation smoldering in rage
Pulverized and victimized you offer up your Soul
Eternal gods of ripping chaos soon to take control

Razor wire ripping shreds of scorched and eager flesh
Metal hammers crushing skulls in a symphony of death
The girded horde awaits the sign horns upraised on high
Outcast legions, kings of hell now gathered to defy

Molten metal courses through these veins
A will of iron piercing like a spike right through the brain
Never to deny the cryptic call
Leave behind the empty lives…laughing at you all
Forsake this plastic world you have devised
In strength, in steel the fallen legions battle-worn and wise
Eternally united by this bond
Grinning in the shadows as you blindly stumble on

By sacrifice we seal in blood, in sacrilege we reign
Destruction looms, death’s on the air trouble breeds its bane
Summoning the onslaught, possessed by lust and sin
The dark angel now descends as the ritual begins

Assemble now oh, darkened hordes, your majesty awaits
Raise the gruesome chalice high and gather at the gates
Birthed in flame, baptized in blood, unseen in shadows dwell
And in the night with terror strike and send them straight to hell

Send them straight to hell
Ever trapped in burning cell
Slaughtering the lambs
Let them all be damned

Let the power take your soul as the venom burns your veins
The brutal onslaught rips your mind driving you insane
Steel armies march to die crushing flesh and bone
Metal legions, kings of hell usurp your stolen throne!